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Sad News As Schools May Not Reopen as Scheduled

After various rumours of school not reopening on May 10 and the extension of curfew is something that parents and students are worried of about their education future and how they will go about it.

After things went the way they did last year, keeping our children out of school for almost an year, children were badly affected accidentally and our able Government should not allow that to happen again by preparing all the necessary measures in schools for conducive learning environment.

Earlier this month, The Ministry of Education insisted that nothing has changed despite all the rumours going round. What they have done is ensure every learning institution has enough equipments to fight this pandemic and accommodate students without much congestion.

However, there has been a concern over the five counties that have been closed down denying access from other countries. There has been some hope until the news that the lockdown will be extended further given that the Covid-19 cases will not have gone down.

My opinion on school reopening should be done in bit so that teachers and parents can be able to prepare the children and be prepared with anything they need to receive the students back. This will also ease on congestion and social distance will be well observed.

What do you think about getting our children back to school?

Are we risking their lives by sending them back?

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