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Speculation; Junior Secondary Schools Might Force All Secondary School Turned To Day Schools

Changes are set to strike our secondary schools according to the reports by a Taskforce. Among the changes includes conversion of some of our boarding schools into day schools. This will came as the goverment is transitioning grade 6 to Junior Secondary Schools in execution of the new Competency-Based Curriculum.

In the new Competency-Based Curriculum learner are set to attend day schools within approximately two kilometres in their residence area. The distance from their former primary schools will also be a key determinant.

''Designate day secondary schools will be the key transition point into secondary education except for Arid areas, areas with long commutable distances and inadequate subcounty schools,” the report reads.

This was revealed in a report from a task force led by the Principal Secretary Fatuma. Chege. The report was publicised last week upon being released December last year.

It's titled “Report of the Taskforce on enhancing access, relevance, transition, equity and quality for effective curriculum reforms implementation"

The first CBC grade will be joining Junior Secondary School in 2023. Learners are expected to join local neighborhood day schools at Primary and secondary schools as per the report. This will solve the current problem of learners scrambling for limited spaces in Key Schools.

It was also revealed that the system will have numerous benefits in comparison to the current system of education. Among this benefits being ; cost reduction, narrow the gender gap and accessibility.

“Day-schooling promotes parental engagement and involvement in their children’s learning and development,” the report reads.

As per the report, some boarding schools will be converted to host Junior Secondary Schools. Some of the facilities like dormitories will have be left vacant hence create room to be reorganized to classes. Fatuma chege has directed the county directors to start the mapping process in their areas.

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Competency-Based Curriculum Might Force


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