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Morning Shocker to Private Universities as Details Alleges What They Will Miss From the Government

Morning shocker to all private universities in the country as details reveals what they are expected to miss from the government should the parliament approve next year's budget approval. The introduction of government sponsored students to be placed in private owned universities started in 2015 during the retired president Uhuru Kenyatta's regime. The government made the move to address the issue of congestion in public versities due to lack of enough space to accommodate students in various programmes.

Impressively, the concern is that the number of government sponsored students joining private universities has been on a steady increase despite the available spaces to accommodate students in various programmes in public universities.

Therefore the placement board has depended its move to place students based in private universities saying that the process is done based on the student's choice. Worryingly, in the 2021 universities placement, private universities received a total of 28063 students and higher than the 27447 placed to the public universities.

Therefore report shared this morning by the local media, there is likely to be a crisis in all private universities as from next year as they are expected to miss state funding. Report indicates that should the legislators approve next year's bugs proposal. Some students are likely to miss placement in private universities.

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