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Primary Education


28 High School Children Arrested In Night Raid On Bars At Embu

The national examination for primary schools has already commenced and those students who are not seated for the exam are at home to give the others a humble time while those in high school have also closed school to give those doing the national exam a humble time.

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It is so unfortunate that most high school students started misbehaving just a few days after they closed to go home and at least twenty-eight high school children have been arrested yesterday night in raid bars at Embu county.

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Parents are being asked to guide their children well and especially this time that they have closed for two months which is a large duration of time. Parents are also asked to ensure that their children engage in activities that are beneficial to them.

Children should also be careful and also take this opportunity to be careful about what they do to avoid early pregnancies and early marriages. for evidence)

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