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Fire Strikes Muranga University of Technology's Dormitory

The ministry of education received bad news following a fire outbreak at Block B building which is one of the dormitories in Muranga University of Technology.The fire razed two dormitories but it was later contained by the University emergency team in collaboration with the Muranga county rescue services.This happened yesterday night but the situation was dealt with. Muranga University of Technology,the successor of Muranga University college is a university located in Muranga county,70km south coast of Nyeri and 50KM south west of Embu.This incident happened when the country is experiencing constant fire outbreaks in various highschools in different counties.The inferno is said to have resulted from electrical problems hence spreading to the next room but the other buildings in the school are safe.

No casualties have been reported and no student is confirmed injured since it happened when no one was inside the dorm.Over the recent few weeks schools have encountered huge loses caused by fire.Many of these fires are termed as accidents while others are caused by undisciplined students.The ambulances were spotted near the school so as to ferry anyone injured to the hospital.Investigations by police are currently underway as we await their final say.Feel free to share your thoughts and share .

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