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What Next For TSC on Deadline For Teachers After Portal Begins Messing Up With 3 Days Remaining?

The teachers across the country have had a lot of work especially after the increments brought about by the CBC lessons.The grade five learners saw additional lessons for the primary school teachers.The teachers will get more lessons again when this group will join grade six in 2022 next year.

TSC has been issuing directives to teachers.Among the directives include obeying timelines.In April 30th this year,teachers had to beat the deadline by registering their new emails that TSC would use to communicate with them directly.These emails would come in handy for the teachers whenever TSC has personal informations to disseminate to them.

Teachers are still having three days left for another key deadline.TSC had given the teachers time to update their profiles.The teachers have until Wednesday next week to fully udate their profiles.Unfortunately,as the teachers fight to beat the deadline,some teachers who are yet to do so are worried since the portal has started messing up.The portal is not going through.This has seen some teachers start requesting TSC to extend the deadline to other teachers' social media platforms but will it be possible?

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