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Splitting TSC A Good Step To Bright Future For All Teachers But With Couple Of Reconstructions

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, was established to cater for the welfare of teachers across the country after independence. The Commission was fully declared an independent institution by the 2010 constitution. The Constitution defined its functions, responsbilities and roles like any other commission.

The TSC has full control of the teacher service, it is mandated to register and deregister teachers, recruit new teachers, remunerate and promote those who deserve promotions.

The reason behind granting the commission full independence was to reduce interference from the government and carry out its activities with parity. The TSC leadership is currently enjoying power over the teachers.

The Commission is confered full powers by the constitution to head the teacher fraternity. This means that TSC is the absolute the employer of teachers in the country. It too regulates the teaching service. Recommends the qualifications for teacher registeration, recruitment and promotions.

The TSC fully remunerates teachers except the ECDE teachers who are currently employed by the counties.

Now that the parliamentary Committee on education proposes the split of TSC into two sections sends shivers into the Commission's hierarchy. Like other professions where the employer is different from the regulator hence should be the TSC. The legilators proposes the setting up of a regulatory body which will handle different issues about teachers.

The suggestion is that the body will take over from the TSC the task of registering, recruiting, disciplining and promotion of teachers in the service. It will stipulate favourable guidelines for promotion of in the service. This sounds sweet aroma to the teachers' hear.

For instance in engineering professional we have engineering regulatory body which is responsible in setting up standards for newly produced engineers from colleges. The body accredits colleges to offer the course and also registers those who qualify so that they practise, the same to medicine among other profession.

The issue of one body being the employer and regulator not healthy for the employees. This leads to despotic leadership as the body has all the powers and conferred to one person in this the CEO.

So the move to split the commission is right to bring in balanced leadership, eradicate nepotism, favouritsm and corruption under the leadership one person. It is impossible to speak on behalf of your employee while your the overall boss.

This will enhance conducive working environment. This will also reduce duplicating of duties among the County and Subcounty Directors from both the TSC and Ministry. Quality assurance should also be monitored by the regulatory body not the employer. It is a brilliant course of action to improve the teaching fraternity.

However, there would be a few changes to article 247 of the constitution of Kenya in order to avoid constitutional crisis in the discharge of duties regarding the Teachers Service Commission.

What is your thought?

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