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College Education


Degree Courses That Increases Ones Employability.

1. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. Most of the graduates land a job after few months of graduation. However, it requires hard work and dedication.

2. Bachelor of Architecture. Most of those who have pursued this course choose the route of self employment while others get employed in larger companies.

3. Bachelor of Education. It is suitable for one who has a passion for teaching and education to pursue.

4. Bachelor of Engineering. It covers areas such as electrical, mechanical and civil engineering. One can be employed either in public or private sectors.

5. Bachelor of Computer Science. The demand continues to rise as the field of computing is diverse and broad.

6. Bachelor of Dental Surgery. Trainees are taught to diagnose and treat diseases and injury of the oral region. There are less people studying this course. It takes five years of study to complete.

8. Bachelor of Law. There is always a demand for lawyers and judges, and are paid very well.

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