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A Little Known But Well Paying Course In Kenya-Geospacial Engineering

Many a times most students ask themselves questions such as which course is marketable? ,Is the course well paying ? Here is one of the little known course by students and even most people in kenya are unaware that such like course exist. Geospatial engineering is course which was introduced into the country recently and it covers a wide field as compared to the former bachelor of surveying as it was known. The programme essentially intergrates Modern data acquisition methods with computer based data management system . It has its roots in mapping surveying and cartography with the current development in web-mapping,geo-visual analytics ,neo-geography and geo-statics among many others.

Geospatial engineering salary in Kenya ranges from ksh86,720 to ksh120,000 , this is the average salary per month including the allowance. While a person working as Geographical information systems analyst with the United Nations earns as high as ksh500,000 each month. You can also employ yourself , furthermore you can work with big companies like Google Maps with a degree in geospatial engineering.

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