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Hard truths every University or College student and graduate should know

The Kenyan universities and colleges are now vomiting thousands of graduates every year. How are this going to be sucked into the workplaces. The following are some of the hard truths.

Graduation with degree or diploma does not guarantee a job.

The number of graduates every year are in hundreds or thousands depending on you course.

The difficulty of your course cannot compete with experience

Experience is what is needed in real world. But knowledge is really essential . Don't major only on theory only or on practicals only.

You need not to stay in town

People believe jobs are in towns. This may be true but to an extent. Venturing in some rural or remote areas can be considered.

Your first job will not be your job forever.

You may start with small wages but they may be momentary. Working smart and hard are required to improve on your skills and salary.

Be presentable

Your resume, cover letter and general outlook should be good. The first impression one makes is by how they look. But also character matters most. Can your character be embraced in a community of workers?

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