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How Kabarak University students are converting grass into ugali to fight hunger.

The recent challenges of drought and hunger have hit most parts of the country so hard.More than nine million people nationwide have fallen victimsto the jaws of hunger.

This has led to some innovation from students of Kabarak University who have decided to put their knowledge into use by converting grass into ugali.The masters students explain their art which start by harvesting of the grass.

They then wash the grass to clean any form of contamination which may be present.The grass is then dried for sometime.When fully dry the grass is ground into powder which is referred to as cellulose powder because of the presence of cellulose.

Enzymes are then added to the powder to break down cellulose present.This happens under optimum conditions which faour the action of enzymes.

The ground grass is then added to distilled water to convert them into amylase.Once the reaction is complete the products have to pass the iodine test for starch.

Once approved the students say that the cost of production will be 23 ksh for one kilogram I'm reatail and 30 ksh per 2 kilograms for wholesale.

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