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Find out the most marketable courses in Kenya

There are numerous courses in all the learning institutions in the universities and colleges. Some of these courses are highly marketable while others are not. The most marketable courses in the world so far includes

1. Medical courses.

All medical courses are highly demanding. People fall ill every second. Health care facilities are now and then looking for fresh people to employ to meet the high demand of patients. Hospitals are being built and the existing ones expanded thus increasing the need for health workers.

2. Teaching.

Children are enrolling in school every year thus More teachers are being employed now and then. Teaching is a very flexible course which can involve primary, secondary or college teacher.

3. Engineering.

It is a diverse course involving different levels in engineering including civil engineer, mechanical, medical, electrical engineer and many more.

4. Business

Everything in this world is all about business. Manpower to manage these businesses is highly required thus increasing the demand.

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