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Secondary Education


Confusions As a Teacher Gets Attacked By His Students & Pull Down The School Fence

The students are closing schools.The parents are left to be alert as their children head home at such time.They will only have a one week break before resuming learning after next week.As the students are closing,some teachers have had to sadly end term one.

A secondary school has been closed after students rioting and ending up destroying the school's properties of unknown value.Molo Academy students have been forced to go home unexpectedly.The students went on rampage and destroyed properties of unknown value.

The boys destroyed window panes and brought down the school fence.Unfortunately,a male teacher was also attacked and his car was vandalised.Investigations are on going as revealed by Acting Deputy Commissioner Steve Odote.This is as reported by Education News.

This term has been a very tough term for many schools.Schools such as Sigalame boys high school has had to go down in flames four times in one single term.More efforts should be out in place to avoid such destructions especially attack on teachers.

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