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Three Small Scale Businesses That Earns Big Profit Next to Universities and Colleges.

Graduates and youths in Kenya are faced with hard conditions of unemployment, despite the knowledge and certificates they own. Creativity and innovation is key for survival in this competitive nation. But did you know that you can easily earn good money when you start up the following businesses next to a University or college?

1. Cyber Shop.

How demanding is this business? You only need one or two computers, a photocopying machine and some photocopying papers. Include past examination papers inside your cyber, provide services such as HELB application, KRA filing, KASNEB and such. Students will always download documents, seek past papers, make some applications and print their work in your shop.

2. Mutumba Clothes.

Take note that students are not paid to learn. They don't have alot to spend. Therefore they always go for cheap staff. Second hand clothes and shoes will be affordable to them. Ladies are more targeted as they are ever fashionable than men. Sell some T-shirts, cheap shoes, earrings, jambas, inner clothes and such. Don't forget that most campus ladies prefer short dresses, you can guess what the results of selling long dresses can be.

3. Food and Fruits Canteen.

Commonly known as 'mabatini', an affordable eating place for students will earn you good money than you thought. It should not be far away from the school gate, for students to easily walk to eat. College comrades spend almost the whole day in school and need some place to get rid of anger. Include some drinks; a juice or yoghurt will do better.

Always include some means of payment through M-pesa. Perhaps some till number for your business. This attracts more clients. Students are a reliable and ready market, you will ever walk back home smiling. Which other business tenure can do better around a College or University?

Content created and supplied by: E.Hazard (via Opera News )

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