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Parents To Pay Dearly As Footage Shows Scenes Of The Aftermath Of Othaya Boys High School Strike

The Othaya high school students have left behind a tail of destruction following a strike that took place in the dead of the night on 29th November as footage now shows the aftermath of the late night strike that has left the school in its most miserable state.

Here are the footage that shows the destruction.

Image: Dining hall area.

Image: The dining hall ws not left untouched as the students rained terror inside.

Image: The food supply in the stores that were destroyed by the unruly students.

Images:The aftermath of Othaya Boys' High School strike yesterday night windows broken and glass scattered everywhere. (29/11).

This came barely two weeks after the halfterm breaks that were intended to slow down such events put in place by education cabinet secretary who hsmade it quite clear that parents will pay for the damage caused by the kids on school property when such cases rise.

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