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The Gross Scientific Error Sighted in CBC Grade 4 Book That Has Sparked Mixed Reactions


The new Kenyan Competency-based Curriculum (CBC) invented to replace the old 8.4.4 education system has received both praises and criticisms. While some feel the curriculum is the best for modern-day students, others have pointed loopholes in it as they questioned its effectiveness.

In a new revelation, one parent identified as Mutai Mtandao has taken to Facebook to share what seems to be a gross error in one of the books reportedly being used in the CBC curriculum.

He noted that the phrase "The digested foods were absorbed into Mlaji's liver", found on page 16 of the Grade 4 Science and Technology book, is scientifically wrong(should read "small intestine" instead of "liver").

"Kindly highlight that scientific error in grade 4 science and Technology book. Or absorption of digested food nowadays takes place in the liver after the curriculum was changed to CBC??.. Most of these CBC are full of errors", Mutai said in his post.

This has, consequently, sparked mixed reactions with a section of Kenyans arguing that they have also come across some errors in the new curriculum. Below are some of the reactions.

Source: Mutai Mtandao/Facebook.

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