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"A Teacher Bullied Me So Much That I Lost 8 Teeth and The Remaining Ones Are Weak" Lady Claims

Julie Wanjiku grew up in Naivasha. The water there had high fluoride levels and her teeth together with that of her family ended up being brown.

She grew up as a confident and ambitious girl who dreamt of performing well in school and becoming a doctor. 

Her life was smooth until when she was in class 6, a new teacher came to their school. The teacher hated her for no reason and would always refer to her as the girl with brown teeth.

Due to the constant bullying, Julie developed self esteem issues. 

She tried everything to make her teeth white including scrubbing them with charcoal and washing them with jik. The scrubbing would make her teeth weak but she desperately needed them to get white so as to avoid being bullied by the teacher.

When she was in class 8, she started losing her teeth. So far, she has lost 8 teeth and the remaining ones are weak and overly sensitive.

She plans to go to the dentist to get new crowns but the procedure will be expensive so she has to save money for several months.

Julie advices teachers to avoid bullying pupils since they can cause life long damage.

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