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Huge Relief to Teachers as KUPPET Sends a Message to Government Concerning Salaries Increase

Many teachers populate classrooms across the country. The vast majority of them have repeatedly asked for compensation increases and promotion from the government. In addition, for many years, the government has failed educators by failing to increase their salaries. Some educators have taken their own lives because of mental health issues and financial stress.

The insider claims that recent developments have revealed additional information regarding the nationwide pay raise for educators. KUPPET has reportedly broken their quiet and given a strong message to TSC over the remuneration of all teachers in the country who are working in different public schools, according to the latest information shared by a credible source this hour and simultaneously circulating on social media. KUPPET has pushed for a minimum 42% raise in teacher pay from the government. Furthermore, they have requested that the government take this action before taking any housing-related deductions.

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