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"Fanyeni Tu Engineering", Netizens Reactions On This Small Boys Super Creativity Skills

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Netizens have elicited mixed reactions on a post that was posted on Facebook account group of Kibera ni kwetu. In that post two small boys of a age between twelve to thirteen years were seen with high creative and innovative skills of designing a house using cartons.

Facebook photos courtesy

That innovation has elicited different reactions among netizens, where by some are wondering how did that small boys came up with those designing skills of innovation and have been left in Dilemma.

Some netizens also have congratulated them and have said their dreams are valid and they should know their potential and work on it.

Other netizens also have urged them to work hard and when they pass secondary exams and go to university, they should do engineering courses there in campus.

Here are some of the reactions,

Parents should advise their children to use their leisure time well on doing things that can help them in future and also advise them to avoid themselves on things that can ruin their future for example drug abuse.

We are also urging them to work hard on their dreams because everything is possible in this world and that is a sign of bright future on them.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share your opinion, thoughts concerning that creative skills of those two boys. Also remember to like,share and comment. Thank you.

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