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Fresh Anxiety Rocks Teachers As Court Battle Now Looms Over TPD Modules

The teaching profession is threatened.The teachers are up in arms for different reasons.The much anticipated CBA that the teachers knew would make them have a huge financial leap flopped.SRC dashed their hopes as they inched closer to the pay.

Some days later,the negotiations between the employer and the unions angered the teachers more when the end result had no monetary offer for the teachers.To make the matters worse,the employer has come back with the refresher courses that will see teachers renew their contracts after every five years.

Just the other day,LSK chairman Nelson Havi said that the teachers were calling him about the new TSC policy.He told the teachers to stop calling him.Luckily,the chairman has now softened his heart.He has now given teachers hopes by saying that he will act for teachers to challenge the policy in court.This is some good news for teachers who are already feeling oppressed.Some Kuppet branches have already shown their displeasure on this matter.For now,teachers anxiously wait for this reprieving move.

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LSK Nelson Havi


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