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How Campus Students Survive Financially

For many students, college is the first time you venture into the real world and start to make big life decisions on your own. To avoid going into debt and ensure you have a financially successful college experience, here are a few tips to remember starting freshman year.

1.leave your credit card in your hostel/room.

If you have a habit of using your credit card when you go out, make it a habit to leave it at home. Try using cash or a debit card only, and make sure to stick to your budget to avoid racking up unnecessary debt. 

2.Find free events and discounts.

Most campuses offer fun and free events on campus,This is a no-cost way to get out and have fun while saving some money.

3.Follow a budget

Add up all your necessary expenses, then choose how you want to spend the rest of your money throughout the month.Decide on the amount of money each month to keep you in the habit of saving early. This will help ensure you have some cash for emergency expenses.

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