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You Will Love This About Machakos University Travelling Theatre

Machakos University Travelling Theatre,commonly referred to as the MUTT,is a group of students of Machakos University who are very talented and they always do many performances,including acting,singing,poetry,comedy and even spoken word.

The group consists of young teenagers who are being natured and trained as they have a passion in the world of entertainment and for sure this can take them far.

So far,the students do act plays which are very entertaining and also have alot of moral lessons.They mainly major what is going on in our daily lives such as love life,campus life and even our own traditions.Some of the plays that they have acted include,Discord,Twisted Turns,Bambi and many more.

The group also does auditions severally in order to recruit new members who are interested in the same.They mainly Consider someone's voice if it is loud enough,ability to speak fluently in English and also the courage one has to stand in front of a crowd.Indeed it is one of the best groups in Machakos University.

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Bambi MUTT Machakos University


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