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Caning Should Be Brought Back in Schools to Tame Indiscipline (Opinion)

Indiscipline among teenagers in the Kenyan schools and at home is to blame for the upsurge in teen pregnancies. Caning in schools played a key role in instilling moral values in children and reducing truancy, hence its withdrawal meant children could do whatever they want. This is due to the fact that they feared to be caned in case they did a mistake.

In our days when we were schooling, we belonged to society. When you were found misbehaving around, you were to be punished the present time, and society was responsible for carrying the key role of ensuring discipline is maintained outside the school compound.

The parliament should reintroduce corporal punishment in schools through legislation to curb spiralling "immoralities" among children.

The 21st century children have gone into immoralities and we can't bear that. Discipline must be considered at this stage. These school going children are our future generation and we can't just sit back and watch any of their weird characters persist.

We therefore need to take precautions in order to save the next generation from experiencing the same difficulties that we currently undergo and caning is one of the most important ways.

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