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The Country That Pays Teachers The Most With Monthly Salary Between $3500 to $5500

Teaching is a noble profession that calls for commitment and humility. Teachers are guides to future generations yet in most countries,they are not paid handsomely like other professions like Engineering and medical related fields.

However some countries have realized the major role played by teachers and they are paid better salaries like other occupations. United Arab Emirates,UAE pays her teaches the highest salaries in the world.

The most sought subject teachers are English teachers. Abu Dhabi and Dubai pays their teachers an average of $3500 to $5500,this is approximately 350,000 to 550,000 Kenyan shillings. The recruitment of teachers is however highly competitive with level of experience taking the centre stage.

Teaching profession comes with love of allowances that include,house allowance,relocation allowance,flight home, government healthcare,tax free salaries and may come with one bonus of one month salary per year worked.

UAE takes also foreigners and most contracts last between 2-3 years. Teaching certification from one's home country is a requirement to be employed in this country.

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