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What Every Parent Should Know about CBC Education.

Do you know more about this new curriculum system of education in Kenya?


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After President Uhuru Kenyatta unveiled the competency based curriculum (CBC), education stakeholders spent a better part of trying to understand how it will change school.

Under CBC, they will spend 17 years following the structure of 2-6-3-3-3.

How many years will learners spend at each level, and school in total?

Children will spend two years in pre-primary, six years in primary and six years in secondary school.

By experiencing the learning activities under the Kenya Competency Based Curriculum (CBC), there are seven core competencies to be acquired by every learner in basic education. These are: Communication and Collaboration. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. Creativity and Imagination.

Some of the Importance of the CBC Curriculum includes;

1. Better Decision Making Abilities

CBC aims at letting the learn to have flexibility in exploring content at all angles while teachers have been granted the freedom to carry through the curriculum when classes are on.

2. Learner-Focused System

CBC education system majors focus on the learner as an individual rather than the school performance. As a result, the teachers can familiarize themselves with the student’s demands regarding strength and weakness. Leaners hence create a good relationship with teachers who help them shape their talents and careers.

3. Balance Education System

The education system provides a distinctive assessment with many areas of the learner’s development in classwork and co-curricular activities. According to CBC, the learner’s ability is tested all-round.

4. Focus on Competencies

CBC’s central focus is around learners discovering their potentials in life. It creates a platform where the learner can positively relate to acquiring knowledge and skills to connect with various disciplines as they advance to their heights.

5. Digitally Based

The teacher-learner alliance creates an opportunity for progressive learner support in the flexible teamwork environment.

6. Synchronous Development

The CBC system encourages corporative learning with learners to assimilate, enhancing positive growth among learners compared to meaningful learning where little positive change is realized.

7. Collaborative Model

The CBC system is a collective responsibility for both stakeholders and curriculum partners to produce local experts who can enhance developments.

8. Community Service Learning

Involving learners in community services exposes them to apply the knowledge acquired during their learning period. Practicing their community development skills creates a ground for the teachers to spot learners’ creativity and potential in discovering specific talents.

9. Distinction Of Theory And Practical

The learners are tested on the ability to distinguish what they have learned in class and how practically they can follow instructional approaches in applying the skills outside style. In this manner, the teachers can identify every learner’s potential and know what works for them.

As a result, it becomes easier to help the learner improve their strength and overcome their weaknesses.

10. Parental Empowerment And Engagement

The CBC form of education requires parents to participate in their children’s positive outcomes during their primary education levels. The parents provide a conducive learning environment by being the learners, which motivates the learners to progress in their learning institutions.

Parents need to collaborate with the teachers in providing basic requirements as per the school curriculum demands to enhance the smooth progress of uninterrupted studies.

Are you okay with this new system? Am glad to hear from you.

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