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Opinion: Parts of Nairobi CBD to Purchase Various Back to School and Form One Entry Requirements at a Cheaper Price

Back to school for continuing learners and Form One entry is just two week or less away. Parents and Guardian have started going round looking for best deals on school requirements in order to send children to school and at the same time save enough for their families. In this article, I show parents, especially those leaving in Nairobi where to get all their back to school and form one needs at the lowest possible prices and good discounts.


For text books, you'll need to visit Charles Rubia Road, formally Cross Road and specifically the area between Accra Road and Kumasi Road leading to Nyamakima. Along Cross Road, you'll find a number of Bookshops dealing with authentic new textbooks and selling them at good discounts and even on wholesale depending on the quantity you will need as a parent or a guardian.


For Stationery, you'll still go to Cross Road, but from where bookshops are, you'll cross Accra Road then walk as if heading to Globe Roundabout. Actually, cross Road is the main Road between River Road and Kirinyaga Road. Along that area, you'll find a number of stationery shops selling exercise books, pens, pencils, calculators and all other stationery requirements on wholesale.

3.School Bags and Suite Case

These you can get cheaply in so many places within Nairobi CBD. You can check River Road as the fist destination, then move to Kumukunji market, then to Gikomba and finally Eastleigh market. In these places, you'll definitely find good and durable school bags and suit cases at very affordable prices.

4.Metallic Boxes

Metallic boxes are usually one of the most basic requirements of students reporting to form one, though nowadays some schools prefer suit cases. To get metallic boxes at affordable prices, you can visit Ladhies Road, toawards Jogoo Road, just before the Lusaka Road Roundabout. There are a number of Jua Kali workers in that area making high quality metallic boxes and selling them at very affordable prices.

5.Mattresses, Lunch Boxes, Cups, Mugs, Buckets and Troughs

For these items, visit Kamukunji Market, you'll get the in goo numbers and in different varieties at affordable prices. Any part of Kamukunji market, you'll get this items.

6.School Uniform

For School uniform, visit River Road, the area between Latema Road and Accra Road (Keneth Matiba Road). Along that area, you'll spot a number of school uniform dealers.

7.School Shoes/Sport shoes

For school shoes, unless you have enough money to go for Toughees at Bata, simple go to Kariokor market, you'll find them in plenty and at affordable prices. You can also find them in Kamukunji, Gikomba and Eastleigh. For sports shoes, go to Kamukunji, just opposite the Police Station, if you don't find them, proceed to Gikomba or Eastleigh.

Please share this widely to reach parents and guardians who are still wondering where to get their schools needs. Also ask of what you need in the comment section and I'll share with you places to get them. I'll respond to every queation on this.

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