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Why Most University Students Are Facing Fee Crisis & End Up Missing End Semester Exams (Opinion)

Most university students are facing fee crisis because the stipulated tuition fees is slightly higher then the amount awarded to them by the higher education loan board.These students should appeal or request their parents to top up as well as bursaries.

Some tends to stay in rental houses which are costly forcing them to deduct fees inorder to pay the rent.Besides some also stays long distances from school thus uses fare to and from on daily basis.

Since universities does not provide meals for the learners most students find it hard to formulate meal budget plans thus ending up using all the upkeep including fees since eating in mess is slightly expensive.

Some live luxurious life and buy expensive things.Majority are addicted to betting thus are tempted to use fees to stake huge amount inorder to win big hence ended up losing everything.

Some engage in relationships which are money oriented hence spending all the upkeep including fees in the name of love.Parents should pay the fees on their own and give the students receipts.

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