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Course in Kenya That Are Loosing Their Value and Might End up Having no Market

As the Kenyan unemployment rate keeps on growing, some courses are not advisable to pursue them due to the low market space, less job opening and besides some of them, their demand has been predicted to go down.

Chemical engineering

Most people think all engineering courses are supposed to be very valuable, well no. chemical engineering is as good as useless most people who pursue it only have the chance to exercise it outside the country, but sometimes the Kenyan degree is not regarded.

Mass Media

Recently, in this field only your skills matter not even your degree, no wonder most individuals in this industry like MC Tricky and Jalang’o made it through by just their talent, another thing is that most people have pursued it, increasing the competition.

Sport science

Most of us do know there ain’t many gyms or people who need instructors as the people who are graduating in this field, getting a job in this field has proven as much as possible how hard it is.


Most people think that there are lots of opportunities in this field due to the rise in insecurities around the country, but it is a no. with such a degree most likely you will end up settling for something you did not pursue.

Environment science

This is amongst the least marketable courses in Kenya, this is because companies need high-level and very experienced individuals, and most of the time you will end up working in unpaid internships.

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