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Teachers' Fears As First Term Starts

A recent dissertation on teachers' preparedness has indicated their leading fears as schools opened today.

The Teachers Service Commission(TSC) announcement summarizes the foreseen new fourth wave of Covid-19 as their enormous challenge. 

According to it, instructors may not be adequately readied to fight these problems, noting insufficient funds, scarce water, and uncertainty of the unknown. 

The teachers also referred to syllabus scope as their other top fear. 

The summary explains that the overcrowded school program may lead to a hasty coverage of the syllabus in schools. And this may impact quality education.

Thirdly teachers' fear is overcrowding in schools due to the lack of enough classrooms.

“All school-going children will be coming in at the exact period. And with limited rooms vacant, teachers are nervous,” said Dr Nthamburi. 

A rise in teachers’ workload is also another fear.

Teachers assert more work will be on their hands and supervising children and operating schools will be immense for them as schools open.

Others include,

Fees payment by parents

Early pregnancies

Drug and substance abuse

Insecurity as children go to schools


School dropouts.

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