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KUPPET's New Move Following Examiners Strike at Mangu Marking Center Ask GOVT to Harmonize Payment

KUPPET officials want KNEC to harmonize the rate of marking KCSE exams. This follows storming out of examiners marking CRE papers at St. Francis Girls’ Mang’u marking center.KUPPET wants the marking rate fixed at Ksh.100 across all subjects.

The teachers’ union officials said it is discriminatory to pay CRE examiners Ksh.55 while other subjects are paid between Ksh.60 to Ksh.70.

"We want these marking rates to be harmonized because there are some papers where people are paid 70-something shillings and then in this, they were given less than 60 Shillings and they Mark a lot of the work as voluminous," he asserted.

"We are encouraging the Kenya National Examination Council to be more consultative in what's doing we have been trying to reach out to them to even sign a recognition agreement with us they have refused to do that they're saying that they were only offering seasonal jobs but these are regular jobs which are coming in yearly," he asserted.

"Such issues have to do with marking the payments for marking the places where this is done we should have negotiated as a union with KNEC so that the teachers could be comfortable they have the right environment to Mark and they're relaxed so that we can have the best," he asserted.

"We want to ask our good government to consider sending that money to their m-pesa these teachers are suffering we have just come from the festive season and they have nothing looking at the conditions and the way they were sent away that money will come in handy to enable them to even send their children schools," he asserted.

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