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How girls will show that they are interested in you

You can find a girl has strong feelings for you , if you are able to observe her character and body language. A girl that has strong feelings for you wont like to disclose it to you rather she will be showing you signs of interest. Its you as a man to interpret them.

If she is standing in front of you arms crossed and looking down at her shuffling shoes, she's probably not into you. Studies have shown that women who are interested in you , will make sure they are open to your presence , not closed off and they are keen to engage. You should expect an upward gaze and a smile.

This one should go without doubting, if women engages in flirtatious body language and behavior, then she's likely interested. What should you expect to see ? Keeping her hair down to accentuate femininity, tilted head to expose pheromones and hands and wrist visible to show soft skin.

People who feel affinity towards each other are likely to mirror each other's body positions and movements. Mirroring, also mimicking, can be able to establish a rapport and can also be used to test f the person you are speaking to likes you back. Raising eye brows can be a good example for this.

According to research both men and women's voices lowers when they are talking to someone they are attracted to, meaning that if she sounds husky, she's likely into you. You will be guilty of the same, deepening your voice, to sound more passionate, sultry and intense.

Unbroken eye contact. Staring into her eyes, science shows that women have bigger pupils if they see a spark between you and, overall, if she's gazing and not breaking eye contact, she probably think you are worth staring at which is good news for you.

These are some of the common ways, on your first date, that will give you a go forward and will help you predict the outcome of the meeting.

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