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Why The Government Should Abolish Purchase of School Buses

The government of Kenya through the ministry of education should prohibit forthwith the purchase of school buses.

The core function of schools is to provide education, they should outsource transport services from firms like Mololine and others when need be.

Most schools barely make 10 official trips in a whole academic year. The initial cost of purchasing a bus is roughly Ksh8m, comprehensive insurance @4% of cost = ksh320,000 plus other contingent expenses. This ends up being just an extra burden to the parents who are expected to pay for it and keep servicing it.

An international school school like St Andrews Turi which has the financial muscle to acquire any desired number of buses has only 1 bus, they outsource Easy Coach Buses when need arises. Maybe our local schools should also borrow a leaf from that.

This will further stop cases of school officials from undertaking illegal businesses with the school buses.

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