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Advantages of studying in a newly established institution in Kenya.

Quality education is one of the ways to make it in life.

 While many people do not believe that to make it in life, one needs formal education, there is also a need for formal education, as it enlightens an individual, and exposes one to a wide scope of reasoning and decision making.

In kenya, we really are blessed to have a government that promotes quality education, as well as supporting education through many activities such as establishing schools where there are shortages, as well as employing more teachers as students population keep on increasing. 

Many organisations and donors,both from within the country and from abroad, are as well chipping in to support education through many ways including offering scholarships to bright and needy students, as well as those who are in marginalised areas. These organisations also build schools and donate learning materials to different schools, to support the education system manager in the country. 

In Recent days, there has been a population growth in the country, that has led to construction of more primary and secondary schools, various colleges, institutes, national polytechnics and vocational training centres. This has been a great step in promoting formal education system in the country. 

 In this article,I am going to take you through some few advantages of studying in a newly-established school, be it a primary school, secondary school or even a higher education institution. 

1.maximum access to teaching staff and tutors.


I happened to study my first diploma in a newly established T V E T institution, and one of the things i enjoyed is an amazing availability of teaching staff. Let me share my experience with you. A newly established institution will automatically lead the teaching staff to working extra harder so as its performance may be classified as an excellent one. The teaching staff will be readily available to interact with the students, therefore the output in terms of performance is impressive. This therefore captures the attention of donors, sponsors and the government agencies as well, so that they can support it financially as well as helping it to improve its infrastructure. In the three years i studied my diploma in that institution, i witnessed the governments support as well as donors' and investors' support.

2.Availability of academic resources. 

Libraries are great resources to help students b in their revisions. Newly established schools' libraries tend to come with latest and new resources such as books and other learning materials like computers. These resources may not be available to students who are in big schools whose resources are not enough and accessible by majority of the students due to large population of students in those particular schools. 

3.Availability of loans. 

People who have studied in newly established public institutions like me,  an give a testimony of this. Incase of government students loans in kenya, popularly known Higher Education Loans Board loans (H E L B loans), the students from such new schools tend to be considered more, not as a way of favouring them in any manner but as a way of promoting growth in such institutions, by attracting more students to come and take up courses to reduce the level of illiteracy in the country. 

4.Declined/Reduced school fees

Subsidies are common in newly established schools in the country, and this helps the students benefit fully through studying in them. A newly started institution charges less school fees and increases slowly as the school grows in many aspects including in the aspect of population.

Great appreciation to the government of kenya, for promotion of education as one of the ways to beat poverty in the country. 

Thank you for your time for reading this article. 

Please share, and keep reading my articles to get informed. 

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