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Two Main Reasons why University Students Commit Suicide

Being an University Student is not easy at all. Sometimes you have to face difficult times alone. Recently there has a rampant increase in suicide cases. Below are some reasons that contribute to such instances

1. Relationships.

Love is good and at the same time evil. Almost every university student has a love partner. Some students get so deep in love and as we all know, there is danger in loving someone so much. When the relationship fails and the two break up, one is unable to let go thus ends up killing the partner and later commiting suicide. As an University Student it's better to stay single.

2. Failure in academics.

Some students get so stressed when they fail in exams. Some are afraid of what their parents will do to them when they find out that the student failed. Some students get so stressed thus ending up commiting suicide. Some lecturers also do contribute to this by intensionally failing students They hate.

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