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Hilarious: Wahu Teaches Tumisoi Kikuyu Language.

Learning your mother tongue after age 12 is the hardest thing especially if you have grown up speaking English language or sheng'. Studies have shown that in a few decades to come, a lot of native languages will be lost because young people are slowly abandoning their mother tongue. Parents have also contributed to this as they also use English and sheng' with their children at home.

Wahu has uploaded a video of Tumi trying to speak in Kikiyu language. Tumi is actually very excited to be able to produce few Kikuyu words. Her mum however laughs at her horrible accent. Tumi is literary "twenging".Tumi was able to say "I am not taking the remote" in Kikiyu and this made her so happy.

To avoid the death of our native languages, we all should be responsible in maintaining our own languages by teaching our children how to speak it or rather expose them to their native languages environment.

Content created and supplied by: @jojonews (via Opera News )

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