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Why Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) is the Best for Kenya

By law, the Kenyan education system is subject to review after a certain period. This being the case, the 8-4-4 system was reviewed and replaced by the Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC). However, many questions have been raised in regards to the philosophy behind the introduction of this new education system. Is that the previous system seemed to bear no fruits? Is it because we have a better model that can be best transmitted by introducing a new system?

Various countries that have succeeded in implementing a system similar to ours had the urge to lay a foundation for a better generation of tomorrow as the driving motive. This article tries to shed light on what CBC entails and why it is the best education system for Kenya.

The International Bureau of Education defines CBC as a curriculum that emphasizes the complex outcomes of a learning process which are, knowledge, skills, and attributes to be applied by learners. This, therefore, means that CBC is more of a student-based system that focuses on the ability of the student to self-learn and develop requisite skills to thrive in daily activities. This way of thinking to some extent is driven by the opening up of the world, thanks to the internet explosion.

The 7 Core Competences of CBC

The CBC envisions that at the end of learning each learner should have achieved each of the following competencies;

1.     Communication

2.     Critical thinking

3.     Imagination and creativity

4.     Citizenship

5.     Learning to Learn

6.     Self-efficacy

7.     Digital Literacy

These competencies aim at easing the pressure of academic performance. More focus is on the specific skills for an individual student and their unique abilities giving a chance to everyone. Generally speaking, every student is appreciated in an environment of freedom and responsibility regardless of their academic endowment.

According to Dr.Vincent Ogutu, a career teacher at Strathmore University, it is better to deal with the challenges of the new education system than stick to the 8-4-4 system.


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