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Good News To Teachers And Civil Servants Earning Over Sh100,000 As NHIF Makes This Move

Public servants earning over ksh 100000 have a reason to smile after the national hospital insurance fund dropped it's bid to have them pay more in monthly contributions.

The state backed health insurer has committed to keep the monthly premium unchanged following a Parliamentary petition which opposed the planned increase.

Earlier on, the NHIF had published the new regulations indicating that workers earning more than KSH 100000 would start paying 1.7 percent of their gross salaries.

This was a departure from the current model where employees earnings over 100000 pay a fixed monthly contribution of KSH 1700 to the insurer.

If the new rates were to be effected, contributions of workers earring KSH 200000 were to double to KSH 3400 while those earning KSH 500000 were to go up to KSH 8 500 monthly.

The move by the insurer will be celebrated by civil Servants in senior positions and teachers in management posts especially coming at a time when the cost of living is very high.

It would have been even be harder for teachers who are already paying for another scheme Aon minet.

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