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Adverse consequences of school closure

According to UNESCO's COVID-19 Education Response,school closure carry high social and economic costs for people across the communities.The resulting disruptions exacerbate already existing disparities within the education system but also in other aspects of their lives. Examples:

It interrups learning: School provides essential learning and when schools close,children and youth are deprived opportunities for growth and development.

There is confusion and strees for teachers: When schools close, especially unexpectedly and for unknown durations,teachers are often unsure of there obligation and how to maintain connections with students to support learning.

High economic costs: Working parents are more likely to miss work when schools close in order to take care of their children.This result in wage loss and tend to negatively impact of productivity.

Rise in droupout rates: It is a challenge to ensure children return and stay in school when schools reopen after closures. This is especially true of protracted closures.

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