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OPINION:What Kenyans should Expect If Boarding Schools Are Abolished

The government of Kenya through the ministry of Education has announced its move to do away with primary boarding schools as from January 2023.The move was announced by Basic Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang' earlier this week.Majority of Kenyans were elated by the move,however they should expect the following effects. Photos courtesy of Google and for illustration only.

Loss of employment to those who work in the schools.In boarding schools where kids are unable to clean their uniforms and beddings,Kenyans have been employed by such schools to do it for them or get payments for providing laundry machines.Incase the boarding schools are abolished thousands of Kenyans will lose jobs.Secondly primary boarding schools have acted as shields for girls who are in the danger of being forcefully married or subjected to Female Genital Mutilation.In most areas where the archaic practices are still a norm,parents opt to hide their children in boarding schools.Abolishing the schools will expose the kids to such dangers.

Thirdly some of the children in primary boarding schools are taken care of by guardians or well wishers because they are orphans.Most people who take the initiative to help those children prefer paying money in schools,which will be used to care for them than hosting the kids at their homes.If abolishing of the schools is upheld,most well-wishers are likely to give up on their aids.Lastly is the issue on performance,kids in boarding schools are at peace ,they are not subjected to wrangles that take place back at home such as domestic fights, consider if boarding department is removed,the children will witness parents fight and some may even stop schooling or degrade in performance.Some will also be tempted to get their own money by being employed by rogue employers who care less about age, particularly if parents are on drug abuse.For instance if the parents are drunkard, children may decide to get employed since noone is closely to help or correct them.

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