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Key things The Government Should Introduce to Campus to Help Students Before its Too Late (Opinion)

Majority of campus students live a miserable life because they can't afford basics needs. Scarcity of these needs makes them look like beggars.

It'll be visioning if the government decides to take a survey to various campuses and come up with a solution on how to help students.

For example if the government will decide to introduce;

1. Free Lunch.

Most of us students don't have money because it like a dream. We only imagine after campus we're going to make it in life by either being employed or by self employed.

Lack of food demoralize our motives in attending lectures or we attend just because it's necessary.

2. Early disbursement of Helb loans.

Helb loans was the best approach in helping students but it has become disappointing to feel like we are begging since its disbursement tends to be very slow.

Currently the semester isn't yet started but the hunger we're facing is enough to end the semester. We're being ignored and overrated as adults because of the name university.

3. Free Covid-19 items e.g masks, sanitizers etc.

The situation at the country demands that every lectures we attend need every students to be covered with masks and apply sanitizers.

Surprising, students use masks for more than a month without a replacement or even risk to walk without a mask publicly. This becomes a risk for the thousands of lives if they contract the virus.

4. Bursaries.

Most of the students suffer from fee payments due to different life standards. Some even dropout or defer in order to avoid being embarrassed when locked out during examination date.

Usually all students prefer to boycott studies and hustle to gain their own living stability rather wasting time hoping for nothing.

It important for the government to consider students because we're the vision and the future of the country. They are the only key to every angle of success of the country if those currently in possession of leadership age.

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