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Why Teachers Should Join KNUT In Numbers(opinion)

Amongst the objectives and the functions of the union is to negotiate and bargain on behalf of its members. With a big number of teachers in the Union, every branch becomes strong in service delivery and a decision making by the union leadership in all stake holders meeting becomes binding. And that's why all teachers should join KNUT. This is can be done by filling in the blue forms given to them by branch executive members so that one can reclaim the power.

At the moment all teachers are deducted agency fees of which the branch is not benefiting out of that money. Instead, Ministry of Labour, Tsc and Knut Head office are enjoying tutors money. It is an appeal that we convert the Agency fees to union dues so that it is directed to our branches.

A united teaching fraternity can face Tsc, Ministry of Education, other stake holders with a lot of confidence. Bearing in mind a new salary negotiations with TSC is on going, the future is promissing and soon teachers will forget the problems they have suffering for long time.

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