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Why Parents Must Pay Extra Levies In Schools

There has been clamour and calls for action against school heads charging extra monies to parents. Everytime school levies become an issue most of us rush to judge the school administrators satanising them as greedy money minters who have no regard to economic times. The fact of the matter is that these additional leavies are usually sanctioned by the parents representatives themselves.

The current school calendar is so restrictive that teachers are living and working in a dilemma. The school term has been shortened greatly and the time frame for the coverage of the syllabus looks like a big joke.This puts the teaching fraternity in a tight spot. School adminstrators have been forced by circumstances to ensure syllabus coverage is done within the restrictive duration. Extra time has to be sought at whatever cost since just like doctors, teachers have a patient in the name of a learner and they understand just so well what needs to be done to deliver the best results.

The education officials in the republic are very much aware of this and should not bury their heads in the sand when a real crisis is in the offing. It behoves us as responsible citizenry to understand our situation before throwing stones to people whose intentions are positive and should be supported by all.

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