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'Wanajiua Sana'-5 Reasons Why University Students are Committing Suicide

Recently there have been increased cases of suicides among university students in the public universities across the country.Every day we are being hit of a fallen comrade o has either committed suicide by falling from storey building in their school. Here are the top reasons why most university students are committing suicide.Be sure to read to the end of this article to get ore insights.

1.Failed Relationships

Most students who are in campus are above 18 yrs and above therefore many seem to be having either a gilrfriend or a boyfriend.Parents a home are not aware what their children go through and tat they have engaged in relationships.Relationships are not bad as long as you can manage each other well.The problem arises when one party feels that the other one is cheating.This leads to emotional attachments as they had already gievn their heart and souls to the most trusted person.This leads to stress,anxiety and depression among the failed person be it a girl or a boy.But boys who have been heartbroken go far too way and kill their girlsfriends because of cheating.The most recent one was the killing of a 2nd yr student from Mt.Kenya University who was stabbed by his alleged boyfriend.

2.Peer Pressure

Campus is place where all sorts of people meet be it holy,thieves,rich ,poor and many more but just to mention a few.If a student from a humble background goes to campus he may be pressured to fit in the circle where each student maybe has a girlfriend ,is driving ,wearing the latest fashion shoes and trending If one fails to commit to this he may feel pressured and suffer from stress which makes depression to set in and suicide thoughts cross his mind ending up committing suicide.

3.Financial Crisis

Many students depend on HELB students for survival which in case it is delayed many will starve and end up killing themselves.Many spend their money on unnecesary items that they do not need which makes them suffer more making them commit suicide.

Do you think i have left any reason

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