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The Lies that Leaders Keep Feeding Us

The schools are now closing for April holidays at a time when covid-19 is hitting the country hard. Luckily enough, very few schools reported cases of the disease after full resumption of of learners. Considering the fact that the government made little changes to enable learners maintain social distancing, it is thumbs up to God. The government made several unfulfilled pledges as it did not play its role in ensuring that more classes were erected and tutors employed to meet the demand during this period of the pandemic.

The government of Kenya is seemingly grappling with financial hiccup. As at now, the students in colleges are lamenting over the delay of the disbursement of Higher Education Loans Board funds as the treasury is mute. The principals in secondary schools are also lamenting on the Ministry of Education's decision to disburse only 25% of the funds meant for capitation.

The government should come out clean on the status of our treasury as the citizens are hurting. It is an insult and addition of pain to injury when the government seems callous and pompous and does nothing to alleviate the suffering that people are going through occasioned by the ravages of the pandemic. It is so unfortunate that the leaders we elected are busy jostling for posts in the next government instead of focusing on whatever they were voted in for.

The present constitution was promulgated amidst heightened hope and optimism but all is gone right now. The same leaders are aligning for future positions and giving false hope in the document dubbed Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) yet we all know for sure that there is nothing wrong with any a document but the problem lies with the leaders themselves.

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