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Why Kenyan Education Is Killing More Dreams Than Fulfilling Them

The Kenyan education system has been regarded among the top in Africa. Almost over 50% of Kenyans are literate and have studied past standard eight. The only problem comes during the time of employment. Only a few number of qualified students get jobs from government while others keep on searching for jobs for many years.[Photo Courtesy]

Just imagine by taking an example of how many students are studying bachelor of education right now. Their number is so great that even the ministry of education fails to employ them. Others are forced to join private schools where there is low payment on for some teachers.[Photo Courtesy]

The students will graduate and others will continue to be enrolled forever. Out villages will be filled with graduates who have nothing to be proud of. Their certificates have became useless since they are not helping them.

The irony of all this story is that the people who run the country(politicians earn even more than graduates) For instance a teacher will be given a salary of KSH. 40K per month while a politician goes home with over KSH.500K per month together with allowances.

When many students finish school and realize that their is no employment, they will start self employment like content creation for YouTube and blogging. It evidence that content creators are earning big from their channels.

The most popular and celebrity Kenyans are content creators for YouTube. This platform has given job to over fifty thousand Kenyan youths. That is a good move by the creative youths who use their talent to get money.

For that reason I could advice anyone that is studying never to stop dreaming. Dreams are valid and you can fulfill them. Just keep in mind that you are studying to gain new ideas from friends. Don't over rely on education alone, try something else which can assist you while you are still waiting for employment.

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