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College Education


Best Alternatives For University Or College

1. Entrepreneurship. Some people are naturally gifted in business with great business ideas. Being self employed is one of the best alternative to university. However it might not be easy initially, but with consistency and determination your success will outweigh the failures. Some of the most successful men we celebrate today were entrepreneurs without university degrees such as Bill Gates.

2. Short courses. Those experiencing various challenges like limited funds to sustain for 4-6 years of university studies, a short course can be a perfect substitution. You will get certified within a few months without much stress. Short courses exist in various fields such medicine, fashion and IT.

3. Joining the armed forces. Education qualification is not a major criteria for one to be recruited. One only needs to meet some basic requirements. They earn huge amounts of money with other benefits. This is a career path that most able bodied individuals are towing.

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