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Secondary Education


Good News to Parents And Students After The Following Number of Schools Qualified to Host JSS

The government tasked educational officers to check whether schools are eligible for hosting Junior Secondary students. Because of this, parents and students have been worried about the school near their homes missing this chance.

However, the ministry of education delivered good news to the parents and students by giving the number of schools that have already qualified. According to the information, 13,000 schools have already gotten the green light from the ministry. In addition, the ministry said that there will be space for all learners and 20,000 schools are expected to meet the conditions.

The officers are checking different factors in schools before giving the scores. They are checking the availability of land and the facilities such as classrooms, and whether the school has an adequate supply of water and power.

They are also checking the qualifications of the head teacher and the registration of schools. The number of teachers employed by the government, the school and the non-teaching staff is also indicated.

On top of that, they must indicate the distance between the school and other learning institutions, the facilities for storing equipment, land for agriculture, equipment owned by the school, a playground field and also an extra room for optional subjects. The assessment will be completed on Friday.

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