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Good News To Teachers As TSC Adds A Key Salary Feature on Payslips Ahead of July Pay

Teachers have been hoping that they would receive new salaries by the end of this month. Sadly, SRC dashed their hopes after inching close to the pay deal, TSC have submitted an offer of 16-32% as a basic salary to SRC approval, Which was later reveal by SRC that teachers were shortchanged in 2017 CBA which as a result only benefited the school administrators, The classroom teachers have been holding on it as their only hope from SRC who may give a go-ahead to the new salaries.

TSC summon Unions for another dialogue, Fortunately, the two sides agreed to a final say, though they walk out without any monetary offer but were all satisfied with the result of the negotiations. 

The Unions and and the employers will dialogue for and that will officially create a way for new CBA. However, teachers are currently waiting for expected new negotiations with the Unions, some lucky teachers will receive new salaries this month, also teachers who were promoted to new grades last year will also received new salaries.

After these good news was disclosed, several teachers are happy that TSC has now tried their best for teachers to know their annual incremental months, this is really a new development, because this has been introduced to the teachers payslips something that wasn't available to the teachers initially.

Below are the verified steps to know your month salary increment if you are classroom teacher.

1: Login to your Tpay account of payslip and make sure you fill your details in the boxes correctly (avoid typos).

2: After logging in, click employment details or navigate to employment details.

3: click to see your incremental month.

this is really awesome and a good news to teachers as they can now make plans having known their respective incremental dates not like then when they were blindfolded.

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