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College Education


Tips For Balancing Schooling And Fun In Campus.

It has never been easy being a student due to lots of distractions one has to deal with. There is a need to know how to balance between studies and social life.

1. Set your own study goals. They offer guidance and direction. However never set high unrealistic goals, that will deny you time to get involved in extracurricular activities.

2. Prepare a work schedule which shows what to be done at a particular time. Make sure to prioritize tasks of high value.

3. Avoid procrastination. This is because it piles up work hence more pressure. It might be difficult for students as a result of numerous distractions.

4. Seek help from more experienced students and teachers. Never be afraid or shy to seek advice whenever you face social or academic challenges.

5. Do not always be docile by accepting all decisions from others. At times friends may indulge you into detrimental activities. Despite that it is important to have fun as a student, know your aim of being in school.

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