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I Did Banking and Finance But Can't Even Afford A Sh10 Tithe Please Advise Me

"First of all I am the firstborn in a family of six children. Our Lastborn is in Highschool while the fifth born is in the University. I graduated 7 years ago and just many many other people, the course I did was the one I longed to do since I was young and naive in the primary school, class two to be precise. The dream came true because as I speak I did Banking and Finance in college out of that passion.

After graduation, I was lucky to secure a job position at Kenya Commercial Bank in a Consultant capacity. Later I also worked as an Accountant in a certain construction firm. But as I jot down this short story for you, I have been unemployed for six years. I am A single dad of two children who I would love to support, but I am financially and psychologically challenged to do so.

I wake up every morning to go make ends meet, but when I go to the famous "mjengo" I'm not allowed to go back in the next day due to the physical effect eminent as I have a medical condition. This has made me be in a precarious situation. I would love to pay bills normally as any other person would do. I do not care about my parents who have lost hope in me and kept on comparing me with my former secondary schoolmates as the lives they live are much better than mine. Some leave in the leafy suburbs while others are renown politicians.

Some friends too ridicule me and even go to the extent of asking what the God I serve every Sunday in church has helped me with. Honestly, sometimes I answer with silence, sometimes with tears but mostly hopeful because I know, my day will come. 

It's very shameful that I sometimes may not even afford tithe in church which broods much guilt in me. Sometimes I walk literally looking for a job to and from on foot. How should I go about all these redicule? My children are not too demanding but I feel for them and would want the best for them as dad! Help me friends, I need pieces of advice. I will appreciate."

Leave your advice in the comment section for this friend of ours.

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